Team Member Spotlight: Morgan!

Hello! I’m Morgan and I’m a first year grad student at Western Washington University, studying human geography under Dr. All. I first fell in love with the Himalayas when I studied abroad in India in 2014, and spent 3 months trekking through the middle hills of Uttarakhand, on the border between India and Nepal. Drinking my chai every morning and gazing longingly at Nanda Devi, I dreamed of climbing such a mystical Himalayan peak. I never thought that Everest would be that peak. But coming back to Western in pursuit of my Masters brought me back to John, and on the journey to Nepal to conduct my thesis research. Originally I was skeptical of Everest and its price-tag, but the more I thought about my career, family, and life goals, and the more I talked to John about it, the more I came to realize that this is the best and perhaps only opportunity that I will have to attempt such a feat! I have a personal interest in both the romanticism and mythologies of Hinduism and the philosophies of Buddhism and am beyond thrilled to be able to trek in such a sacred space for both. I am excited to research and climb in such a holy place, and honored and thankful for the opportunities that have brought me there.

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