Focus on Science: Climate Change and Tourism Impacts on Local Sherpa Community Development

PI: Morgan Scott, Western Washington University

Initial Community Based Conservation (CBC) projects and management styles

that were implemented in multiple National Parks and Conservation Areas in Nepal were

considered successes, and looked upon as international examples of such strategies. Since

that time, however, many CBC projects in developing nations have failed to meet or even

approaching their goals. This study shall investigate further how climate change and CBC

projects have affected the communities, which they originally were meant to serve, in

two National Parks - that were originally hailed as successes. Due to the international

popularity of these areas and the monumental increase of the tourism and mountaineering

economies there, much documented and researched development has occurred since the

implementation of these management strategies. This study will investigate the attitudes

of local people toward conservation and their engagement in conservation action. This

study shall further support the conversation surrounding the efficiency, effectiveness, and

future implementation of CBC both in Nepal, and in developing nations worldwide.