The Team in Kathmandu

We have spent 4 days in Kathmandu preparing to head into the mountains. John and Eric have been meeting with university and government officials. Morgan and Chris have been meeting with Nepali students who will be assisting with their research. We’ve all been making last minute purchases, checking and rechecking gear, and enjoying the last fresh food for a couple months!

We managed to squeeze in some sightseeing of Buddhist and Hindu temples. Kathmandu is a lively, rich environment, but we’re all eager to get into the mountains to find some fresh air and get to work. We are scheduled to fly to Lukla tomorrow and begin the 78-mile trek up the Hinku Valley into Makalu Barun National Park toward Mera Peak (6,476m). It has rained in Kathmandu and snowed in Lukla for two days, so there may be a backlog of people waiting to fly ahead of us. Maybe we’ll have more time for fresh food after all.

Stay tuned for more posts on our team, research, and expedition progress!