Costa Rica Sea 2 Sea Expedition

In December 2013, the ACSP traversed the country of Costa Rica, crossing from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean. The purpose of the expedition was to collect ecological data across a long transect that passed through some of the most biologically diverse and undisturbed wilderness in Central America. It was our objective to complete as much of the crossing as safely possible under human power. The crossing involved kayaking, mountain biking, and a challenging 12-day backpacking section across a nearly unexplored region of the Talamanca mountain range in La Amistad International Park and Biosphere Reserve. This was very likely the first ever research expedition to explore this remote mountain rainforest.

The expedition was highly successful and yielded a wealth of ecological data including surveys of bird diversity, measurements of vegetation structure, soil chemistry, sound recordings, and livelihood data from indigenous communities. Our results have been shared with local land managers and researchers to contribute to the conservation of this spectacular region.

We are in planning for a 2020 Costa Rica C2C2 expedition.

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