Loma Linda Field Station- Coto Brus, Costa Rica


The Loma Linda Field Station is a privately owned field station and forest reserve located in the Coto Brus highlands in southern Costa Rica. Loma Linda partnered with the American Climber Science Program in 2015 and provides lodging space for researchers and volunteers, has a field technician on staff, and provides access to the forest reserve and agricultural lands for approved research projects. The station is a base of operations for ACSP Costa Rica expeditions and courses. Loma Linda is located ~15 km from the town of San Vito and the Wilson Botanical Gardens - Las Cruces Biological Station, and is 25 km from La Amistad International Park.

The 160-acre property includes 120 acres of primary and old successional forest, 40 acres of agricultural lands and gardens and 15 km of forest trails. Because the forest reserve is one of the larger remnant fragments of montane tropical forest in the region, it is a high-priority site for conservation. Loma Linda has been a key research site for numerous studies on tropical biology and tropical forest restoration for the past 25 years. In addition, the agricultural land has been used as a model for sustainable agriculture and the station has a long history of active outreach with farming communities to move towards more sustainable agricultural practices.

Loma Linda was founded in 1956 and for most of its existence has been a center point for education in the community, holding field days for local schools, hosting university interns from around the world, and establishing coffee cooperatives, microbusinesses for local women, and supporting local restoration projects.

The Loma Linda Field Station is available for research, field courses, and ACSP research and expeditions. Please contact owner and manager, Dr. Rebecca Cole (University of Hawaii At Manoa) (colerj@hawaii.edu) for more information.