August 11, 2016

ACSP research director, Rebecca Cole, will serve as the next Director of the Las Cruces Research Station and Wilson Botanical Garden in Costa Rica starting in October, 2016. She will continue to work with ACSP in Peru and with a new focus on education, research and conservation in Costa Rica.

April 10, 2016

ACSP Science is being carried out by students at Central Wyoming University. Students from Central Wyoming College on the Interdisciplinary Climate Change Expedition (ICCE) researched various hydrological aspects of the glacier and high mountain environment including human occupations of the area during the last twelve thousand years. Their lab? The Dinwoody Glacier near Gannett Peak in Wyoming's Wind River Range.

Watch the video here.

January 26, 2016

Voltaic: Measuring Black Carbon and its impacts on glacial melt

January 21, 2016


The American Climber Science Program is teaming up with the National Outdoor Leadership School to conduct measurements of black carbon and dust on glaciers in the Patagonian Andes.  NOLS-Patagonia offers courses in mountain regions throughout the Patagonian Andes normally ranging from Rio Futaleufú to Punta Arenas, Latitude 43º to 55º and will include measurements of light absorbing particles in collaboration with ACSP as part of their courses.  NOLS-Patagonia is very supportive of ACSP research efforts on this topic and is very interested in how glaciers “down south” are being affected by black carbon.  This research opportunity was initiated through the aid of collaborating scientist Jacki Klancher from Central Wyoming College and data collected will be highly useful to the PISAC Initiative.

October 20, 2015


Peru- Mountains on the brink

Dr. Carl Schmitt gave a talk at Neptune Mountaineering in Boulder, Colorado

February 12, 2015


New publication on glacier research in Peru: Measurements of light-absorbing particles on the glaciers in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru

January 23, 2015


 An interview with Exec. Director John All about science, climbing, and the recent climbing season in Nepal:ClimbSkiBoulder Magazine

November 11, 2014


Director Dr. John All was quoted in this month's National Geographic: Sorrow on the Mountain

November 3, 2014

Here is another paper that the ACSP team has published recently. While Africa doesn't have the highest mountains, the dangers are no less real: Disentangling environmental variables from land managment decisions in changing semi-arid savanahs of Southern Africa

June 5, 2014


New article from the Molina Center for Energy and the Environment about our research efforts in Peru: MCE2

May 29, 2014



Videos from ACSP Expeditions 2011-2015

Measurements and Impacts of Black Carbon on Tropical Glaciers: Presentation at the National Center for Atmospheric Research

How to collect and filter samples to measure Black Carbon for ACSP mountain research

Melting glaciers: Studying Black Carbon in the Cordillera Blanca

Himalaya Crevasse Fall 2014  The Rest of the Story

Quilcayhunaca- Cordillera Blanca 2013

Yanpaccha! - Cordillera Blanca 2011

Crossing the last river -Costa Rica C2C 2014

Exploring Loma Linda- Costa Rica C2C 2014

The Second Bridge - Costa Rica C2C 2014

Melodies at Vallunaraju - Cordillera Blanca 2012

Climate change on Pisco - Cordillera Blanca 2012

Climbing Alpamayo- Peru 2012

Peru Environmental Expedition - Cordillera Blanca 2011

Clip1 from Ishinca Valley 2013

Clip1 from Ishinca Valley 2013

Clip1 from Ishinca Valley 2013