The American Climber Science Program (ACSP) is an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization based in Eldora, Colorado. We conduct and facilitate research and conservation in remote and mountain environments and provide opportunities for education and true exploration. We connect an international group of volunteers, climbers, students, scientists and stakeholders to promote the knowledge and sustainability of remote and mountain environments.

Why Climbers and Scientists?

Mountains and remote regions provide critical services for much of humanity but currently they are undergoing unprecedented changes due to intensified human land uses and climate changes. Understanding how these important environments function and how they are changing is critical to planning and implementing sustainable practices for the future.

 How the American Climber Science Program Works

The ACSP is an integrated research and conservation program designed to facilitate field data collection opportunities for scientists in regions that are difficult to access. We provide logistical support and lower the costs for exploratory and early-stage as well as fully developed and funded research projects. Scientists, volunteers, and climbers come together for expeditions to collect in situ data and to share their enthusiasm for the mountains. Scientists with research projects join our expeditions and involve non-scientist volunteers in their work. Volunteers and climbers with the ACSP contribute directly to the research and conservation projects through their hands-on participation. Our expeditions are designed to provide rich and rewarding opportunities for non-scientists to learn about scientific practices, to learn how to move safely in mountain environments, and to contribute to local conservation efforts.